Luxury menswear is my thing

Ivan Marin


My name is Ivan Marin and I have been designing high-end men’s clothing for 25 years. A passion handed down from my father, a tailor from Treviso (Italy), who with his skilled hands made tailor-made clothes. My foundation for sacrifice and dedication to this art.

Fascinated by Made to Measure, I developed an algorithm, that automatically calculates the ideal fit for each conformation. Thanks to the international experience gained as product manager for one of the most famous Italian men’s luxury groups, now I dedicate myself to the integration and optimization of different production realities.

Today, at the age of 45, I have created IMpatt, a one of a kind technical reality, that blends a unique sartorial tradition with advanced technology, with a team of thirty-years experienced consultants, in order to guarantee a high quality service from the design concept to the finished product/garment in every part of the world.

This is why IMpatt
was created for